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MatchThai.com was formed in 2023 in response to the increasing demand for Internet based personals. The Internet as a medium lends itself well to this service due to it's wide availability and the degree of anonymity for it's users

Our Mission

First of all let me introduce myself and the inspiration of this site. My name is Scott Arnold I have been in the IT world for over 40 years, my beautiful wife Kate is from Thailand and she has a huge following on Tik Tok she has over 70,000 followers that happen to be Beautiful woman in Thailand and Thai women that are Stateside.

I always wanted to do a dating site but could not find away to attract women to the site but a game changer fell in my lap with my wife. I love the country of Thailand been there 17 times and with this site I will be making several trips a year to guide a tour for single men to meet there connection in Thailand.

I have several friends who me and my wife set up with a connection, now I want to do this in a big way, because the number one thing that people want is happiness. And finding happiness in the land of Smiles Thailand.

The dynamics of what Thailand has is the most beautiful women in Asia, almost all of them are Buddhist which are very kind, generous, and peaceful. With the beauty of a tropical paradise, or a big city as well and safety.

All of our Female Members are verified to be who they say they are.

MatchThai.com aims to meet the need for a site that has higher standards in terms of the content. It is our aim to avoid the purely sexual profiles by both professional and personal advertisers without being judgmental about a persons lifestyle. We hope that this will increase the chances of you contacting genuine advertisers rather than chasing advertisers who are only chasing your money!

We believe that this site provides a fresh and engaging forum for our users and we are committed to offering the best value for money for the service. The original site was a free site financed through banner advertising, but the collapse in the value of this market and the fact that we could not develop the site to target a larger audience (due to the increasing cost of advertising) means that we have have been forced to switch to a fee based service.

We hope that you will enjoy this site. Should you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us at info@thai-mate.com